Leg Vein Treatment

We invite you to try leg vein treatment at Papillon Medi Spa. These treatments will improve the look of your legs. They will remove spider veins, vein varicose occurrences, and other types of veins in your legs.

The Science and Purposes of Leg Vein Treatment

Laser therapy targets the hemoglobin in your blood vessels. Hemoglobin is a protein that serves as an oxygen transport, but an excess of it can cause vein vericose and other unsightly leg veins. The purpose of leg vein treatment is to selectively destroy the hemoglobin while leaving the surrounding skin intact. Leg vein treatment diminishes the abnormal blood vessels that can be seen in spider veins, leg veins, and other cutaneous vascular lesions.

Number of Treatments

Patients start with a package of three leg vein treatment sessions. Depending on the response, more treatments might be needed. We will work with you to determine how many leg vein treatments are right for you.


Refer a Friend to Papillon Medi Spa!

Our existing patients who refer a friend for treatment will receive a $50 Spa Credit. The Spa Credit can be used toward future purchases. Also, the friend will receive a $50 credit to use toward his or her first package purchase.