Cosmetic Laser Therapy and Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

Papillon Medi Spa in Rockville provides cosmetic laser therapy and skin rejuvenation therapy. These treatments help with acne, rosacea, angiomas, broken capillaries, sun spots, wrinkles, and more.

Acne Treatments

The combination of light and heat energy allow the controlled heating of the sub epidermal layers of the skin. The procedure will lead to collegen remodeling, proliferation of active fibroblasts, and decreased activity of overacting sebaceous glands. All of this will result in an improvement in acne. Most patients will begin to see and improvement after three treatments.


Photo rejuvenation is for the treatment of rosacea, broken capillaries, angiomas, and sun spots. The light energy delivered gently heats the upper layers of the skin. The photothermal energy targets and eliminates many of the fine vessels that cause redness and the unwanted melanin responsible for pigmented lesions.

Microlaser Peel

The microlaser peel is a skin health and restoration treatment that treats acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles. Ablative laser technology creates a controlled thermal tissue injury that accelerates fibroblasts in generating new collagen (skin cells). Dermal collagen matrix rejuvenation causes visible wrinkles, scars, tone, and texture to soften or be eliminated. This results in skin that is smoother, more even and regular, and brighter than before.

Refer a Friend to Papillon Medi Spa for Cosmetic Laser Therapy!

Our existing patients who refer a friend for treatment will receive a $50 Spa Credit. The Spa Credit can be used toward future purchases. Also, the friend will receive a $50 credit to use toward his or her first package purchase.